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Rock-solid sustainability

Making a constructive contribution

Building a sustainable future requires a balanced approach to the environment, the wellbeing of people and economic prosperity. Without all three, sustainability will remain an illusion rather than a rock-solid reality.

Reducing impact on the planet

Rockfon’s/rockwool’s manufacturing processes are constantly monitored and improved in important areas such as increasing energy efficiency, limiting water consumption, diversion from landfill and up-cycling of industrial waste.

  • Sustainable production
  • Waste
  • Upcycling returns
  • Strict environmental managemetn
  • Improving people's lives

    Not only do Rockfon’s acoustic solutions play an important role in creating healthy environments for people to learn, work and heal in, Rockfon is also committed to the health and safety of employees, suppliers and installers.

    Certified buildings

    With the growing awareness of the importance of acoustic wellbeing in buildings, the contribution of acoustic ceilings to sustainable buildings continues to increase.

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