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Impact resistance

ROCKFON offers solutions that withstand different levels of impact resistance

Along with sound absorption, the impact resistance of construction materials is an important issue in schools and gyms. Ceilings in these kinds of areas need to be able to withstand tougher-than average wear and tear as well as frequent demounting.

The impact resistance of suspended ceilings is tested according to EN 13964:2004 annex D and evaluates the total ceiling system (tiles and all grid components). It defines three impact resistance classes:

  • Class 1A ceilings should be installed in any sports hall where heavy-impact ball sports are played.
  • Class 2A ceilings can be installed in sports centres where low-impact ball sports are played and in heavy-duty school areas.
  • Class 3A ceilings can be installed in rooms where the ceiling must fulfil basic requirements on impact resistance e.g. classrooms, school corridors.

Impact Resistance EN 13964:2004 Annex D
Rockfon Impact Resistant ceiling solutions
ProductBoxer / Samson
1166x1166x40 mm
Boxer / Samson
1200x600x40 mm
Boxer / Samson
1200x600x25 or
20 mm
Reaction to fireA1A1A1
Installation systemOlympiaPlusT24T24
Hold-down systemOlympiaPlusClipClip

The test procedure for impact resistance indicates the ability of a ceiling to resist the incidental impact of balls under normal conditions in sports halls.

Impact resistance test procedure (EN 13964:2004 annex D)

A handball is mechanically-fired to impact the ceiling 36 times – 12 times vertically, and 12 times from two different directions at an angle of 60° – with a velocity at impact of:

16,5 m/s (Class 1A)
8 m/s (Class 2A)
4 m/s (Class 3A)

After the impact test, the suspended ceiling is examined. The test is positive if the strength, function and safety of the suspended ceiling is not adversely affected and its appearance has not changed to any great degree.

Samson and Boxer ceilings feature a reinforced surface giving them superior mechanical resistance.

Boxer or Samson installed in System OlympiaPlus live up to the highest impact resistance requirements of Class 1A.

VertiQ wall panels offer impact-resistant (System T) and high impact-resistant (system HAT) properties.


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