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The design of public spaces such as high street shops, restaurants and hotels where customers are constantly moving around, is an art on its own.

Interior designers are constantly looking for new ways of presenting these spaces so that customers not only remember them, but also connect with them in a positive way.

For this reason, three parameters are of prime importance when selecting an acoustic ceiling or wall solution:

Design: Ceilings must integrate with the design concept of the architect. Specifiers like to choose from different colours, edge types, sizes and structures. This way they are able to give each building its own identity.

Acoustics: Due to the constant flow of varying numbers of visitors, good acoustics are very important to avoid the well-known ‘cocktail party’ effect.

Safety: As in all public spaces, fire safety is of utmost importance. Most ROCKFON ceiling tiles are rated Class A1, providing all users with enhanced peace of mind.


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