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Long-gone are the days of dark and musty offices with stale air and echoing halls.

Employers, employees and ever-increasing regulations all agree that offices today must be bright, clean and inspirational settings – and above all, safe. With products offering a multitude of surfaces, edges and dimensions, ROCKFON is a leader when it comes to design freedom and reaching these demands. Our top-rated acoustic, fire protection and light reflection properties help you address the main challenges of modern office design.


According to current management theories, employees are happier and more productive when they can interact freely with each other in a creative, inspiring setting. In addition to traditional meeting rooms which require privacy, today’s offices now include casual communal spaces like coffee bars and lounges encouraging informal interaction.

But one person’s conversation is another person’s disturbance. Greater interaction raises problems with confidentiality and concentration.


The freedom to roam and collaborate requires a more flexible office layout. With the pace of change in business today, organisations need to be able to adjust workspaces accordingly. Sometimes referred to as “agile interiors”, these spaces can be reconfigured relatively quickly and easily. However, any change in floor plan requires a change in ceiling plan to ensure the space’s acoustic performance keeps up with the changing needs of its occupants. All the while, easy access to the services and wiring installed above the ceiling must be maintained.


Designers are often asked to create inspiring spaces that reflect the energy and transparency of the organisation and its brand values. Some architects are taking this idea to the literal extreme by showcasing formerly hidden areas, such as production areas and meeting rooms, in glass-walled aquarium-like fashion.

But the large windows and hard materials typically found in such buildings create serious acoustic issues, while the growing use of thermal mass requires designers to rethink their approach to sound absorbing solutions.


Every building is different in terms of design and purpose. Studies show that acoustically-friendly spaces with comfortable lighting and stable optimum temperatures increase employee wellbeing, productivity and satisfaction – which in turn reduce absenteeism and staff turnover. However, it is not always easy to balance the acoustic needs of a space with the heating, cooling and energy efficiency requirements of sustainable building certifications. ROCKFON solutions enable designers to realise their vision with recyclable solutions that can boost productivity, deliver cost-effectiveness to building owners and contribute to the welfare of surrounding communities.


The considerations outlined above are not reserved just for new-builds. In a downward economy, building owners are keen to renovate existing properties and maintain the competitiveness of their assets. Tenants demand modern, better quality spaces and are mindful of operating costs. A thoughtfully refurbished space with lower energy costs is simply more attractive in the marketplace.

Because it never starts with a totally clean slate, a refurbishment project can be more challenging than a new-build. It is vital to choose ceiling and wall solutions that can help optimise the current and possible future layout of the space being renovated.


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