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Leisure & Sport

Leisure and sports activities place high demands on acoustic solutions, including ceilings.

To enhance the user experience, the sound generated needs to be regulated and good speech intelligibility is crucial. At the same time, design options, such as colours, can contribute to the experience and the performance of the building.

Impact resistance

For sports facilities there is a need for impact-resistant products if heavy-impact ball sports are being played in the area. Class 1A impact-resistant ceilings should be installed.

Humidity resistance

For swimming pools, resistance to humidity is vital. ROCKFON products are dimensionally stable  at up to 100% relative humidity and temperatures up to 40°C.

Fire safety

Fire safety plays an important role when large groups of people occupy any confined space. Truly fire-safe ceiling solutions, which remain stable in the event of fire, can have a great influence on the effectiveness of escape routes and the ease with which fire fighters can enter buildings in the event of a fire. This can have a very beneficial effect on saving lives, reducing the cost of fire damage and the downtime of the facility, should a fire occur. Most ROCKFON ceiling tiles are rated Class A1, which is the best reaction to fire class.

Design & acoustics

In many leisure facilities, the interior design is an integral part of the visitor’s experience. This is the case in cinemas (with black ceilings) and museums (monolithic ceilings that match the existing architecture).

In addition to design, acoustics always play an important role in leisure facilities


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