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The ceiling requirements in the industrial sector are defined by the nature of what is being produced and stored at the premises. Heavy industry has different requirements to the food industry, a workshop or a timber warehouse. Often a suspended ceiling cannot be installed due to the service installations of the production facility, so baffles and wall absorbers are traditionally good choices for industrial buildings.

When designing production areas, many different criteria must be considered. Appropriate lighting conditions, enhanced fire safety, and, in some cases, high levels of hygiene are key factors. However, in industrial applications, sound levels are generally much higher than in other work areas. Great emphasis should be placed on obtaining and maintaining comfortable acoustic conditions for employees and people in the surrounding locality.

It is generally accepted that there is a quantifiable risk of hearing damage due to daily exposure (8 hours or more) to continuous sound levels between 85 and 90 dB. To ensure the best acoustic conditions in any industrial area containing noisy machines sited on hard floors, focus should be placed on the use of sound-absorbent materials


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