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Modern schools put a greater focus on the needs of both students and the wider community.

Often noisy and very versatile, schools are a mix of multi-functional spaces, where building materials need to be easy to maintain, safe and durable. With extensive experience in the education sector, ROCKFON has identified a 10-point checklist for selecting a ceiling.

Acoustic comfort

Acoustic comfort in schools is key, as high levels of noise and poor room acoustics have a strong impact on the quality of education and the learning ability of the students.


Building materials used in schools need to have good longevity in high-activity spaces.

Safety of building materials

The use of safe building materials is very important. Materials must meet fire performance requirements and ensure peace of mind for building users.


Education buildings need to create their own brand and identity to attract teachers and students. Building materials need to inspire and create individual designs.

Facility management

Schools are built for the long term, taking into account future needs. Building materials need to be easy to maintain, flexible, adaptable and robust.

Refurbishment potential

Existing school buildings must adapt to new needs and requirements while respecting the original architecture. Budgets for refurbishment are usually low.

Indoor climate

Building materials used in schools should not negatively affect the health of the students or teachers and must contribute to a healthy indoor climate.


Building materials used in schools should have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and thermal mass are integral factors to consider when designing today’s schools. Often these solutions lead to acoustic challenges.

Expertise in school interiors

Decision makers in building design and refurbishment are looking for reliable partners that bring the expertise needed to create optimum environments and comfort for the users.


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